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The APY Art Centre Collective is a group of 11 Indigenous owned and governed enterprises. Located in the APY Lands, we work with a united vision and voice on strategic business initiatives and collaborative artistic projects.

The APY Galleries are a platform for emerging Indigenous artists from the APY Art Centre Collective to connect with a wide audience outside of their remote communities, gain professional development opportunities and build a network within the art industry supporting them to pursue successful careers in the arts.

The APY Gallery showcases artists working across a wide range of mediums from painting, traditional punu (wood) carving, weaving, textiles, new media and digital photography. These emerging young artists have watched, listened and learned from their grandparents, the senior men and women of the APY Lands. It is now the young people’s turn to find new ways of sharing these traditions and stories.

Address: 34 Tom Thumb Lane

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