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Create your sanctuary to practice wellbeing and
revitalise with The Wellness Union

Yoga has exploded in popularity over the last decade. It has become a mainstream form of exercise for millions and is a unique process of wellbeing that has well endured the test of time. With our everyday lives being impacted dramatically during 2020, yoga has never served as a more important mechanism to support a more positive mindset.

Founded on a passion for yoga, wellness and community, The Wellness Union is a boutique yoga studio located in Victoria Harbour that endeavours to create a sanctuary for like-minded people to practice wellbeing techniques and revitalise their focus on all aspects of their life. The friendly, nurturing and qualified team take an individual approach to yoga practice and use a variety of sound healing music and singing bowls in classes to send you into an ultimate state of bliss and relaxation.

It is no surprise that health and wellness are becoming increasingly prominent and important themes in our lives as we find ourselves navigating through strange, uncertain and difficult times. The consistent and repetitive flow of negative news has led to a rapid increase in anxiety and stress levels. Isolation in particular has been a mentally challenging concept to adapt to and integrate into our normal lives. Anxiety and stress are key triggers for problems such as hypertension, lack of concentration, shortness of breath and loss of appetite to name a few.

The calming and empowering effects of yoga practice can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing which helps foster calm and meaningful connections with family and friends (albeit digitally). Yoga revolves around harmony, happiness, mindfulness and and peacefulness. 

The Wellness Union team have been happily providing services to Melbourne for many years, via Corporate Yoga Melbourne, and are so excited to welcome you into their new studio at Victoria Harbour, tucked quietly away from the bustling, vibrant city life.

The team at The Wellness Union share their tips on how you can practice a popular mindfulness meditation technique from the comfort of your own home.

  • Step 1: lie on your back with palms facing up and feet falling slightly apart. This exercise can also be done sitting on a comfortable chair with feet resting on the floor.
  • Step 2: Bring awareness to the breath, noticing the rhythm, the experience of breathing in and exhaling out.
  • Step 3: Bring attention to the body: how it feels, the texture of clothing against the skin, the contours of the surface on which the body is resting, the temperature of the body and the environment.
  • Step 4: Bring awareness to the parts of the body that are tingling, sore, or feeling particularly heavy or light, note any areas of the body where you don’t feel any sensations at all or are hypersensitive.
A typical Body Scan will run through each part of the body, paying special attention to the way each area feels. After the Body Scan is complete and you feel ready to come back to the room, slowly open your eyes and move naturally to a comfortable sitting position. Give it a go today!

Join a selection of online yoga classes that are available on Saturdays. Watch this space - Sunset Yoga in Buluk Park will commence at the end of November 2020. 

To find out more information, or to book your online yoga class, visit https://thewellnessunion.com.au/

The Wellness Union is located riverside at 1/915 Collins Street, Victoria Habour, Docklands.