Zero Carbon Futures

Zero Carbon Futures investigated scenarios for sustainable and resilient futures within the urban environment. These issues were explored through a series of public lectures from leading lights in the sustainability field and a range of student design studio projects that propose new strategies for shaping the urban environment. Events included:
• Can going to work make you healthier?
• Creating Sustainable Cities
• Phase Change 2.0 exhibition
• Urban Systems exhibition
• Zero
• One Cup at a Time

Social Diversity

Social Diversity used the idea of ‘home’ as a way to explore how people make community in Victoria Harbour. In a series of family-friendly workshops and exhibitions, Knowledge Market invited the public to participate in conversation and reflection about the experience of living in the precinct. Events included:
• Kite Making Workshop and Parade
• Home Truths Portrait Workshop
• Home Truths Portrait Exhibition
• Inner Worlds Forum
• Inner Worlds Public Artwork Exhibition

Digital Infrastructures

Digital Infrastructures targeted how best to integrate interactive technologies with public services to enhance residents’ lives. Masters students from RMIT focused their research on Victoria Harbour and prototyped technology-driven design proposals for public environments within the precinct. Events included:
• Datascapes
• A Smart City Approach for Melbourne
• Sensor[ed]
• How the weather feels

Urban Memory and Imagination

Urban memory and imagination recognises that a city is comprised of the thoughts, memories, aspirations and concerns of the people that live in it. Knowledge Market drew together the findings from throughout the year to explore how people understood and valued their cities, and how this related to both their past experiences and their dreams for the future. Events included:
• Urban Flâneur: Fashion and The City
• Urban Flâneur: Fashion Reimagines the City
• City of Children