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The APY Art Centre Collective launches the APY Gallery in Melbourne

The APY Art Centre Collective (APYACC) have opened a First Nations artist-owned gallery in Victoria Harbour. This unique initiative offers early career First Nations artists from the APY region, regional South Australia and Adelaide the opportunity to exhibit in the first important chapters of their careers and grow their profiles in the vibrant city of Melbourne.

The APY Gallery in Melbourne follows the incredible success of the APY Galleries in Sydney and Adelaide. Through exposure and income generation, the galleries support the sustainability of First Nation’s owned Art Centres in South Australia. APY Gallery Melbourne hopes to make a unique contribution to the thriving arts and cultural landscape of Melbourne.

The APYACC is a group of 11 Indigenous owned and governed social enterprises. Located on the APY Lands, in regional South Australia and Adelaide, APYACC members work with a united vision and voice on strategic business initiatives and collaborative artistic projects. The collective vision is to increase capacity for South Australian Art Centres and support their important work in remote and regional communities by:

1) Creating and exploring new markets;
2) Increasing art centre income and supporting business development; and
3) Driving innovative collaborative regional artistic projects and international activity

APY Gallery Melbourne launched in Victoria Harbour during NAIDOC week 2022. Community elders, Directors of Art Centres and artists from the APY Lands travelled to Melbourne to celebrate this exciting event with their friends and supporters including Lendlease.

You can find APY Gallery Melbourne at 34 Tom Thumb Lane, Docklands. Open from Tuesday – Friday from 10am

We are thrilled to be opening a new gallery in Melbourne. It feels like a new chapter in the history of our country. A time of opportunity where Aboriginal people can thrive in business endeavours too! This is so important for Aboriginal communities because our businesses are the most powerful tool we have to impact the social challenges we face in our communities.

Owning and driving our gallery businesses in the cities means an increase in income and jobs on the ground in our communities. Economic empowerment is what we talk about; we are determined to leave our young people with a better future. Our art making has always been culturally powerful, we are proud that we have a business that matches our paintings in power and strength. We hope that our friends in Melbourne will join us for the wonderful celebration we are planning to open our new gallery”

Nyunmiti Burton, Director, APY Art Centre Collective


‘This space will celebrate the dynamic and innovative work that is being produced by the talented young artists of the APY Lands. It will allow art lovers in Melbourne a unique opportunity to engage with these artists and to have the confidence that the beautiful and affordable works they are taking home, are ethically sourced. In this way, they are supporting the sustainability of art and cultural practice on the APY Lands. They are also supporting the growth of culturally affirming employment and the economic empowerment of Aboriginal people and their families in our membership.’

Skye O’Meara, General Manager, APY Art Centre Collective 

“It’s a magic time for our artists. Our studio has such an exciting rhythm. I am so excited about our beautiful gallery in Melbourne. Melbourne is about to see our magic.”


Zaachariaha Fielding, Artist APY Art Centre Collective, and lead vocalist Electric Fields.