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The taste of Colombia is on its way to Victoria Harbour for one weekend only, as resident Italian restaurant Saluministi transforms into 'Fuego', a food event that celebrates the spirit of South America.

As part of the City of Melbourne's Firelight Festival running from June 30 to July 2, Saluministi chef, Cristian Roa Medina, is turning up the heat to offer traditional Colombian delights that celebrate his roots. 

Fugeo, which translates to fire and passion in Spanish, will bring new flavours to Docklands and match the passionate, lively ambience of the annual Firelight Festival - a free, family-friendly event by the water.

Cristian will be serving up crowd favourites, inlcuding 24-hour slow-cooked beef brisket Arepa, and the bizarrely delicious Chocolate Santeferano - a rich, sweet hot chocolate thickened with melted scamorza cheese.







With family values as Saluministi's namesake, the Fuego event will be a true family affair, as Cristian's wife and sister join him in the restaurant kitchen for Firelight Festival weekend.
Ajiaco, an aromatic Colombian chicken soup, will inspire passersby to visit Bogota with a single spoonful, and give any native Colombian a taste of home.

"Putting the menu together for Fuego has been a real labour of love, and a chance to celebrate my love of both Colombian and Italian food," said Cristian.

"Many of my colleagues come from South America, we call ourselves the 'Saluministi family'. We can't wait to introduce the flavours we love to the Docklands - and bring the Colombian heat to the Fire Festival."

Frank Bressi, Co-Owner of Saluministi, said, "Fuego is our way of acknowledging the hard work and determination our dedicated team puts into our business each day. Everyone brings something fantastic to the table in our Saluministi family."

"Many people in our team have dreams of running their own business one day, so we are using this opportunity to allow them to be creative and entrepreneurial by running the event on their own."