Renew Docklands

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Welcome WØRKS Living & La Guapa Outerwear to Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is proud to welcome WØRKS & La Guapa to Collins Street as part of the Renew Docklands program.

WØRKS is a new breed of hand, body and home care. A boutique personal care brand that meets the needs of modern consumers by formulating organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that outperform their synthetic counterparts. With Danish and Australian founders, WØRKS bridges the gap between renowned Scandinavian design and locally sourced raw materials. You can find out more about WØRKS here:

La Guapa Outerwear is a sustainable and ethical outerwear brand located in Melbourne. La Guapa strives to create a fashion label that is unique, trendy yet kind to the environment,  through the support of local manufacturers, and the education of customers on the negative effects of fast fashion and the importance of going slow. The brand creates classic pieces to remain with the wearer through the ever changing trend oriented market - turning the use of vintage and deadstock fabrics into a point of value and differentiation. You can find out more about La Guapa here:

The community focused initiative activates available space with creative ideas in the Docklands area. Renew Docklands is part of the Shopfront Activation Program funded by the City of Melbourne and Victorian Government.

A Renew Australia project works to provide space for new and creative enterprises to trial an idea with minimal overheads to complement, not compete with the existing businesses. On a short-term licence, Renew Australia works to incubate local business ideas with minimal risk. This process not only provides visible creative space, it encourages and displays a new form of use in traditional main streets and precincts that encourage community engagement and activity.

You can keep up to date with the Renew Docklands program here: