Victoria Harbour's Best Warming Winter Lunches

18 May 2018

There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a heart-warming lunch.

If you’re after something steaming hot to wrap your hands around or a healthier option to warn off the winter flu, you can find what you’re looking for in Victoria Harbour.

Kenny’s Bakery for custom-made rolls

Hot rolls are a quick and easy lunch option. Whether you want a chicken schnitzel roll, or a pork or chicken banh mi, Kenny’s Bakery will make it on the spot just how you like it. They also have a range of hot homemade pies, pasties and soups during the winter season.

55 Merchant St, Victoria Harbour


Got a craving for comfort food? How about a classic reuben sandwich or pulled pork roll? Head to SmokeStak where delicious home-cooked meats are the name of the game.

77 Merchant St, Victoria Harbour


When you want to warm your body from the inside out, there’s nothing better than wrapping your hands around a hot bowl of Vietnamese pho or noodle soup. Add a little extra chilli to increase the heat.

807 Bourke St, Victoria Harbour

Honey Tangs

Tasty and satisfying dumplings are a great lunch option when you need something that is both warm and satisfying. Honey Tang’s are dumpling masters, with meat and vegetarian options to satisfy all your cravings.

Shop 6/850 Collins St, Victoria Harbour


Head into this friendly café for a variety of healthy soups, pastas and warm toasted paninis that are perfect for hitting the spot during a busy lunch hour.

809 Bourke St, Victoria Harbour