The Best Reading Nooks in Victoria Harbour

18 May 2018

With the tranquility of the waterfront on their doorstep, workers and residents of Victoria Harbour are making the most of their spare time with a relaxing book.

If you’re looking for a spot to relax with a great read, then here are some of the best reading nooks in Victoria Harbour for you to explore.

Buluk Park

Want a great cup of coffee while you knock over a few chapters? Saluministi and Billy Barista are close by to this popular reading spot - bring a blanket and lay on the grass with a coffee in one hand and a novel in the other.

Library at the Dock

With comfortable couches and beautiful harbour views, Library at the Dock is a bookworm’s delight. Explore their facilities to find private corners that will quickly become your own quiet sanctuary.

Docklands Park

This park is a popular spot for workers wanting to enjoy some lush greenery during their lunch break - seats here are prime real estate! Snag yourself a chair in the fresh air and make the most of your time outside.

Community Garden

Follow the footpath to this gorgeous inner-city garden next to Victoria Harbour’s Lifestyle Working building, where you can enjoy the smells of fragrant herbs and flowers while diving headlong into your favourite book. A serene spot in the heart of Docklands.