Meet Ellie: The Founder and Creative Director at MIN the Label

20 May 2019

A Victoria Harbour resident has started her own fashion label and opened a lifestyle café in our neighbourhood.

With hues of white marble, soft pinks and lightgreys, it brings Melbourne’s distinctive minimalism to our precinct, along with a mixture of great coffee, clothing and accessories.

Ellie, the Founder and Creative Director of MIN the Label has been living in Victoria Harbour for over seven years. Before starting her own clothing line, she worked as a pharmacist, but in 2014 she decided it was time for a change. So, she quit her job and travelled around the world searching for her next source of inspiration.

Ellie found it in Scandinavian countries, where aesthetic is marked by minimalism and functionality. In 2017, she used this inspiration to create MIN the Label, a fashion brand that creates timeless fashion staples.

The label started out as a pop-up store in the CBD’s Melbourne Central. People loved the brand so much that Ellie decided it needed a more permanent home. And when the opportunity arose to open a store at the bottom of her apartment building on Bourke Street in Victoria Harbour, she simply couldn’t resist.

“I know this area and I love this area” says Ellie. “I enjoy living near the water and being part of a relaxing neighbourhood that’s close to the city. It is the perfect place for me to open my shop and I’m really excited to give back to the community through my store.”

Ellie says that the response from local residents has been amazing. “The café opened on 4 April, and we already have some regular customers that come in for coffee every morning. They say it’s a great place to have meetings, get work done and meet up with friends, while browsing through clothing racks.”

Most of MIN the Label’s collection is made up of stylish basics and capsule pieces which is a wardrobe collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion. Ellie focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring all clothes are made from quality fabrics that lower the impact on the environment.

“I combine my scientific background with my love of fashion by ensuring all products are made from natural and eco-friendly fabrics that are biodegradable. This means my customers can shop sustainably without compromising on style” Ellie says.

The blended café and shop proudly serves Five Senses Coffee as well as pastries and desserts from boutique suppliers including Cobb Lane and Mork Chocolate that are delivered fresh daily.

You can visit Ellie and her team from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday at 868 Bourke Street Docklands or visit

MIN the Label’s website to purchase clothing and accessories online.