Five of the Best Spots for Work Lunch

3 May 2017

Looking to impress business clients or colleagues? Victoria Harbour is home to some of the city’s best lunch spots offering quality food, stylish interiors and unbeatable views.

Whether it’s flavours of the world, locally-grown quality beef, or the very best in Melbourne coffee culture, Victoria Harbour has got you covered.

  1. A25 Pizzeria:

    This is not your average pizza shop. A25 Pizzeria, also known as Non Solo Pasta, pride themselves on creating delicious pizza using age-old techniques. Not only do they take special care with their dough preparation, allowing it to rise for a full 72 hours to create a light and fluffy base, but they also use the very best ingredients for the most authentic Italian experience. This is the place to go for a chic yet relaxed environment with delicious food that is sure to impress.

  2. Pok Pok

    Popular with the corporate lunch crowd, Pok Pok is where you'll find authentic Thai street food made from the freshest local ingredients. Inspired by the bustling street eateries of Bangkok, the evolving menu gives a modern take on Thai cuisine with a fun vibe that doesn't take itself too seriously.

  3. Squires Loft

    When it comes to a great steak you can't go past Squires Loft. Their grass-fed beef is sourced locally and is known for its exceptional taste and tenderness. This is given a helping hand by custom-built grills that allow for a unique cooking process and an incredible flavour profile. If your guests have a craving for steak it's only right that you take them to see the experts.

  4. Watermark Bar & Restaurant

    This versatile restaurant is a popular VIP event space with plenty of variety on the menu. Guests can enjoy views of the sun setting over the Docklands through the floor-to-ceiling windows and will feel right at home in the comfortable and stylish interiors. The menu truly has something for everyone, which makes it popular for large groups with many different tastes to please.

  5. Code Black

    If you only have time for a quick coffee but are still looking to impress then you can't go past Code Black. With a focus on high quality craftsmanship, Code Black is known as a hub for true coffee connoisseurs. They select quality beans from international growers, then roast and blend them in-house for unique flavours and an unbeatable crema.


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