A Fitness Workout you can do at Home

31 Jul 2019

If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find enough time to hit the gym. But pursuing your health and wellness goals doesn’t have to take hours out of your day. 

We’ve teamed up with Bryan Letch, the owner and head trainer at InFitPTv Docklands, to create a bespoke work-out that you can do in less than 20 minutes. This quick and convenient exercise routine will get the blood pumping around your whole body to ensure you stay energised throughout the day. No equipment is needed so you can do the program outdoors in a local park or simply in the comfort of your own home.  
Bryan recommends warming up before completing his at-home workout. 
Side planks – 15 repetitions on each side of the body, repeated two times 
Start with a completely straight body, lying on your left side on the floor with your left elbow directly under your left shoulder. Then push your hip up slightly, while engaging your abs and glute muscles. Raise your right hip towards the roof, then slowly lower yourself back down to your starting position, keeping your hips off the floor. Then repeat on the other side.  
Rotary push-ups – 25 repetitions on each side of the body 
Flatten your hands, extend your elbows and balance your weight through your hands and toes, with your hands in line with your shoulders. Then lower yourself into a push-up. As you come up, use your shoulder, one strong locked arm and flat hand to balance and rotate your torso onto one side, stretching the other arm towards the ceiling. Then return to the starting position and complete the exercise on the other side, keeping your body strong throughout the entire exercise.  
Cossack squats – 25 repetitions on each side of the body 
Start in a wide stance, with your feet wider than your shoulders. Leaning to one side, bend one knee to shift your weight onto that leg and continue to bend the leg as you lower yourself to the ground. Keep the other leg straight. Then push through the bent leg back up to a standing position and repeat on the other side, staying as low as possible. Keeping your back upright will make the exercise harder, if you are looking for a challenge.  
Mountain climber – 50 repetitions on each side of the body 

Starting on your hands and toes, bring yourself into a strong push up position with straight arms, a flat back, braced shoulders and a strong core. Then raise one knee up to your chest, keeping the rest of your body in the same position. Then alternate legs, while engaging your core. You can go as fast or as slow as you like, the important thing is to make sure your form is correct.  

Keep an eye on our Victoria Harbour Instagram stories. We’ll soon share Bryan’s workout with a step by step guide plus photos. 

About InFitPTv 
InFitPTv Docklands is a corporate fitness and personal training studio located on Merchant Street in Victoria Harbour. Run by head coach Bryan Letch, InFitPTv has a number of exercise options to choose from including personal training, boot camps and small group training sessions. Bryan Letch aims to help individuals become happier, stronger and more confident.