Supporting Movember? Here's how to maintain your mo'

21 November 2018

Supporting Movember? Here's how to maintain your mo'

The top tips to get you through the month.

Calling all men who have put away the razor and embraced a hairy upper lip this Movember; a month in which males are encouraged to grow a mo’ to help raise awareness for men’s health issues. 

While the first few days (or even weeks if this is your first time sporting a mo’) can be a bit uncomfortable, the experts at Movember HQ and owner of Victoria Harbour’s Stage IV Barbers, Andrea Olsen-Lister, urge you to persevere until 30 November. To make it a much more comfortable and stylish experience, we have gathered their tips to maintain that moustache throughout the month. 

Use proper grooming techniques

As your mo’ grows and takes shape, you want to start embracing grooming techniques. This includes regularly shampooing and conditioning like you would with the hair on your head to keep it soft. Andrea from Stage IV Barbers recommends researching the right products for your needs. “Oils can help to straighten and soften the hair as it grows, while balms can offer a medium hold that conditions as it styles.”

Get a fine toothed comb
Regularly combing your moustache, even in the early stages, can help it grow in one direction, making it easier to style as required.

Trims are still allowed
While you might think that not touching your moustache at all is the way to go, subtle trims can keep you looking smart. Dampen your moustache first as wet hair is easier to trim (but be cautious as it will bounce up as it dries), comb in one direction and use sharp barber scissors to trim conservatively along the bottom line of your moustache.

Shape it as it grows
If your mo’ is flourishing, embrace it! A little bit of moustache wax warmed up between your fingertips will allow you to shape your moustache into a more outlandish style. “Want to twist your moustache right up at its edges? A heavier beeswax has the strong hold to keep it in place all day long,” says Andrea. 

Treat yourself to a shave
Whether you want to keep the rest of your face looking perfectly groomed, or to remove your moustache at the end of the month, head into Stage IV Barbers or the Mensroom Barbershop in Victoria Harbour for a well-earned professional shave.

With their barbers’ professional technique and steady hand, it may be the closest shave you’ve ever had. Reward yourself with a luxurious experience for your fundraising efforts.

Stage IV Barbers
Shop 9/800 Collins St, Docklands
Book online or by phone – walk-ins depending on availability

Mensroom Barbershop
6 Import Lane, Victoria Harbour
No appointment needed

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