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11 November 2016

Relationship-building is a crucial skill, both on a personal and a professional level. But in business, having a good relationship is about more than just getting along with someone. It’s about building trust, learning how you can provide opportunities to each other, and converting the relationship into tangible business benefits. 


Despite being integral to professional development, networking isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. How do you choose the most effective networking events? Who should you approach? What can you do to help yourself stand out in the room?


Your Time Matters offers events, workshops and small business strategy and mentoring services for those who are looking to improve their networking skills and grow their business.  Now, Your Time Matters is bringing their guidance right to your door with their series of workshops and events at Victoria Harbour’s Knowledge Market.

Kerryn Powell is a b

usiness connector, networking educator, speaker and founder of Your Time Matters. With years of experience in the travel industry, market co-ordination, teaching, creating events and real estate, Kerryn will be running Your Time Matters’ sessions at Knowledge Market in the coming months.


“Effective conversation skills are at the heart of business success, and the wider and deeper your network is, the more you can contribute and achieve. I love enabling people to grow in confidence, stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals,” Kerryn says.


“I love hearing peoples’ stories and constantly wonder at the range of experience and knowledge that can be shared. For example, young people are fascinating to work with – today’s graduates are highly skilled, have great credentials, and understand the online world. Yet increasingly I hear them comment that they aren’t confident when it comes to face-to-face networking and building effective business connections.”


But it’s not just young people who face hurdles when it comes to networking. “As we’ve got more used to communicating by email, and working within our own teams but with less collaboration across departments, true networking is a skill few people get a chance to hone,” Kerryn explains.


“Facilitating events gives me great satisfaction. I get to connect with business professionals and help them seek opportunities to accelerate their business success.”


Whether you want to attract potential clients, build connections that will help you make your work more effective, or achieve your business goals, Your Time Matters can provide you with a strategic and actionable plan.


You can find out more and register for one of Your Time Matters’ Knowledge Market sessions on Eventbrite.

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