Get winter wardrobe ready

19 June 2017

Melbourne is notorious for weather conditions that can change in a flash. It’s not unusual to step outside in the middle of winter to a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon, or get caught in a sudden storm before you can reach for your umbrella. Developing a working winter wardrobe doesn’t need to be difficult, so we asked our friends at Collins St Clothing Alterations & Dry Cleaning to help us out with some tips to help keep you stylish and warm during the colder months.

  1. It’s all about layers
    It can be tricky to go from freezing cold straight into the heat of your office or even your local coffee spot. The key to not being uncomfortable? Layers.  Long-sleeved tops, shirts, jumpers, vests and jackets – a well prepared wardrobe should have a good selection of these so you’re not stuck carrying a cumbersome winter coat when the sun pops out.

  2. You might need to go up a size
    When it comes to your winter coat, don’t be surprised if you need to go up a size to accommodate the extra layers underneath if you’re wanting to be able to move comfortably. If you’re worried about the added bulk, you can look for a belted coat such as a trench to help define your waist.

  3. Scarves can be a statement
    Whether you prefer a snug blanket scarf or a simple silk one, this winter essential not only  helps to protect your neck from the elements but a colourful scarf can add interest to a boring outfit. Knot it around your neck, wrap it around your shoulders or drape it under your collar – this versatile wardrobe piece can save you from a dreary look.

  4. Make sure your shoes are waterproof
    You might think that canvas sneakers are a comfortable option for roaming the city, but stepping in one puddle will quickly make you realise that wearing soggy socks all day is not a fashionable look. All Melburnians should have a selection of chic boots that work with every outfit. Just look for leather over suede and make sure you have thoroughly waterproofed them!

  5. Don’t be afraid to break out of black
    Typical Melbourne wardrobes tend to favour a lot of black – especially in winter. While it doesn’t hurt to be in sync with the “Melbourne uniform”, a pop of colour can go a long way. Whether it’s a statement coat in a bright jewel tone or a hint of red in your accessories, a little colour  can go a long way.

  6. Don’t care about hat hair
    When it’s really cold outside you want to make sure everything is covered, including your head. Beanies are always a hit, but felt fedoras are popular among the fashion set. If you’re worried about messing up your hair, try going for a more relaxed style or braid it up to keep it in place on your way to work.

  7. Revamp your old clothes
    Don’t think that a missing button, small tear or a torn hem means that you have to throw out your favourite winter wear. Everyone should have a go-to tailor who keeps their wardrobe in top condition to ensure that their hemlines are never soaking up the puddles.

  8. Care for your clothes
    The best tip for being prepared for the Melbourne Winter is to take care of your clothes. This means treating stains as soon as possible, following the instructions on the care label and finding a great dry cleaner near your home or office.

Head into Collins St Clothing Alterations & Dry Cleaning to see how they can help you get your winter wardrobe ready this month.

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