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27th February 2018

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) has joined forces with Victoria Harbour for the second year to celebrate the dining culture that makes this city is famous. As part of this exciting collaboration, MFWF has enlisted Sebastian Reaburn, Co-Distiller of Anther Gin, to create a limited-edition gin, Habitat by Anther.

Inspired by the native botanicals of the area, a community rooftop garden was planted at 883 Collins St, Victoria Harbour, to allow the ingredients to be harvested locally before being distilled into a limited-edition gin. Now there’s something we can cheers to!

Here’s what Sebastian had to say about his role in this exciting community partnership.

What drew you to a career in cocktails?
I love that flavour and culture both play a part of the experience of making and drinking cocktails. There is something exciting about creating a new flavour from nothing. When you can combine that flavour with the history - stories of how and where is was created, and what it's made from - that is awesome.

What is the flavor profile of the MFWF x Victoria Harbour gin, Habitat by Anther?
Our regular Anther gin is a big, bold, juniper heavy-hitter with Eucalypt and finger lime. Habitat brings more native botanicals, like spicy pepper berry and cinnamon myrtle, clean native alpine mint, and even more citrus with lemon myrtle and lemon gum. There’s still plenty of juniper, but spicy natives and a clean, fresh finish.

Why do you think it was important to use native plants from the area?
The Habitat collaboration is about place and community. To be able to grow plants that are local, and in some cases return native plants to the area, means we can combine the cultural history with the flavours of Melbourne and Victoria Harbour. Being able to create a taste that shares ideas and history is really exciting.

How is the gin best served?
Habitat by Anther has a unique flavour that connects to place. We love a gin and tonic with a few native pepper berries thrown in, but we also made sure that it still works in any gin and tonic combination and your favourite gin cocktail.

Victoria Harbour is sponsoring the festival favourite Crawl ‘n’ Bite events, as well as participating in an exclusive gin distilling night with Sebastian, where Habitat by Anther will be available.

With community being the theme for MFWF 2018, Victoria Harbour is the perfect meeting place to bring people together over food and drinks. 

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