Sam Gaskin – finding JOY through DANCE

11 July 2016
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Sam Gaskin’s top 5 reasons to dance:

  • Dancing makes you SMILE
  • Dancing keeps you FIT
  • Dancing gives you LIFE
  • Dancing keeps you YOUNG
  • Dancing makes you HAPPY

For Sam Gaskin, dancing is simply a way of life. 

As one of the most respected members of the Australian dance and entertainment industry, Sam started dancing as a young boy and has been singing, dancing and acting professionally on film, television and stage for the past 11 years. 

Sam’s multicultural background (with African/NZ/European roots) has influenced his unique style – an eclectic mix of hip-hop, funk and jazz – which Melburnians can experience firsthand through his workshop finding JOY through DANCE at Knowledge Market from 18 July.   

“I’m so excited to bring finding JOY through DANCE to Knowledge Market,” Sam explains. “The class has something for everyone – regardless of whether they’ve danced for years or have never set foot in a studio before!

“The concept for this workshop came about as a response to people telling me they’d love to dance, but felt too uncomfortable to attend a class. They felt like they were too old, too uncoordinated, too embarrassed, too scared, too something!”

This fear of judgement is what challenged Sam to create a dance class that would be so welcoming, so laid back and so incredibly fun that people would have no choice but to lose their inhibitions and give it a go. 

Sam says his class is perfect for local professionals who are looking for a fun and healthy way to unwind after work. 

“I enjoy teaching groups of colleagues or people who don’t have much dance experience. I love being able to turn their nerves around and watch them come out of their shell.”

If Sam’s past workshops are anything to go by, participants heading to his class at Knowledge Market are in for a treat.

“I wish I had a video camera to show the energy shift over the duration of a class and how everyone’s confidence builds.  People leave my workshops feeling relaxed and happy, and we use a range of techniques to achieve this. There’s lots of self-development, lots of talk and laughing.”

Sam’s natural flair and ability to engage an audience has seen him teach at most leading dance schools in Melbourne and involved with awards shows such as the ARIAS, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and TV Week Logies.

“I’m blessed to have made a career out of what I love to do, and I hope to bring a little of the joy I get from dancing to each and every person who attends one of my workshops,” Sam concludes.

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