Waterfront living inspires the next generation of designers

26th July 2018
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An RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles collaboration with The Exchange at Knowledge Market

The recent fashion exhibit Urban Flâneur: Fashion and The City has showcased work by RMIT University Bachelor of Fashion (Design) students. We spoke to RMIT up-and-coming designer Jake Nakashima-Edwards on the show’s creations, which were inspired by the people and architecture of Victoria Harbour.

How did Victoria Harbour inspire the show?
The brief for this curation was “Urban Memory and Imagination”, and my class responded to specific sites within Victoria Harbour after spending weeks observing the people and places of the precinct.

How would you describe the show?
It was a slightly unconventional runway in a very intimate setting. All of the students’ work was very diverse, demonstrating a broad range of perspectives to make audiences a little more curious about their relationship with cities and urban spaces.

What is your design aesthetic about?
Clean lines and looser silhouettes with an emphasis on sustainability. Through my fashion practice I’d like to be able to communicate my passion for politics and philosophy, and create new narratives for people.

What was the inspiration for the staging of the runway?
We wanted to really connect to the essence of Victoria Harbour and our experiences in it. It was important to make our works accessible to the residents who live here, which is why the runway was held outside Knowledge Market near Buluk Park. There were people walking their dogs through the runway, it was wonderful.

What is your impression of Victoria Harbour now?
I’d never been here before starting this project, and I only knew about the area through other people’s experiences. It’s a really intriguing place with lots of history. I’m excited to watch the precinct evolve as more people live and visit Victoria Harbour in the years to come.

Intrigued? Urban Flâneur: Fashion Reimagines the City will be experiencing a renaissance as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, with a special encore presentation of the students’ designs and a two-week exhibition showcasing their garments, along with their research and development in Victoria Harbour.

The exhibition will be at Knowledge Market and in the retail shopfronts at 889 Collins St. Victoria Harbour, from Tuesday 4 to Tuesday 18 September. Opening event at Knowledge Market, Tuesday 4 September from 5-8pm.

Head to the Melbourne Fashion Week website for more information.

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