Enjoy goodness in a bowl with Poke Bay

20th April 2018

Hailing from the islands of Hawaii and infused with Japanese flavours, Poke bowls are the latest food craze taking Melbourne by storm. Opening in Victoria Harbour late last year, PokeBay was created by owner Thai Tran to help feed the hordes of hungry Docklands’ office workers looking for a healthy lunch option made with fresh  ingredients.

Poke (pronounced poh-kay) means ‘to slice or cut’ in Hawaiian, and refers to diced sashimi or fish tossed over a bed of warm rice. It is served with fresh vegetables and delicious Japanese sauces. 

PokeBay is perfect for those looking for a quick lunchtime option with all bowls made in under seven minutes.

At PokeBay, you can build your own bowl and customise the flavours to satisfy your tastebuds. Here are three of Thai’s favourite menu options:


This  option is for lovers of hot food looking for a chili kick. This bowl includes salmon served with spicy mayo, cucumber, carrots, corn, seaweed salad, chilli, togarashi spice and roasted sesame seeds. 

Cali Surf

If you’re dreaming of a Californian summer, then this is the gluten free option for you, with salmon, ponzu soy, cucumber, carrot, seaweed salad, corn, ginger and dried shallots.

Shrimply the best

While PokeBay is a seafood lover’s delight, this bowl  includes sous-vide prawn with wasabi cream, cucumber, carrot, corn, edamame, pickled ginger and wasabi pea.

PokeBay, 7/800 Collins St, Victoria Harbour

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