Your school holidays are sorted in Victoria Harbour

27 September 2017

We know it can be difficult to come up with new fun and creative activities that will occupy your kids over the holiday period. With the spring break upon us, we’re here to lend a hand with our picks of the best school holiday activities happening at Library at The Dock. There is something for children of all ages, so be sure to bring your kids down and join in on the free fun.

Yoga at the Library

Dharma Kids Yoga is leading Yoga at the Library sessions, which incorporate various movements and breathing techniques that have been specifically designed to engage children from 5-10 years old.

Find out more here.

Biscuit Decorating Party

The best type of art is the kind that can be eaten, so bring your kids down to the library to make their own edible masterpiece. The library’s biscuit decorating party is suited to children aged 3-8 years, with plenty of opportunities to get creative with icing and sprinkles.

Find out more here.

MakerBasics Workshops

For teens who aren’t afraid to do some learning outside of school, MakerBasics workshops will have them learning some new tech skills while having fun. Whether they’re joining the regular Friday MakerHangout to learn about 3D printing and Raspberry Pi, or want to learn how to make animated GIFs in Photoshop, there’s something to get every burgeoning tech-head excited.

Find out more here.

Of course, if your child’s a bit of a bookworm, there are lots of cosy corners and great books to read at the Library at The Dock!

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