MPavilion 2015 permanently rehoused at Victoria Harbour

20 September 2016

Having played host to over 76,000 people at more than 400 talks, workshops, performances and other cultural events at Queen Victoria Gardens last summer, MPavilion 2015 has a new chance to shine!

The magical forest-like canopy is now displayed on the corner of Collins Street and Harbour Esplanade, offering locals the chance to enjoy award-winning public art right on their doorstep.

MPavilion is an annual architecture commission supported by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, the City of Melbourne and the Victoria State Government. With its ultra-thin forest-like canopy, made from three and five-metre-wide translucent petals which sway in the breeze, MPavilion 2015 quickly became one of our city’s design masterpieces. As well as being architecturally stunning, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch on a sunny day, or catch up with friends at the weekend.

Designed by AL_A, the London-based studio of award-winning British architect Amanda Levete, the Pavilion has been hailed as a wonderful addition to the Victoria Harbour community. Used as an event space, a meeting hub, and enjoyed for the merits of its design, it has become a symbol of the value public art has within our society. 

To create the unique structure, Levete collaborated with the Brisbane-based company ShapeShift which specialises in large scale composite structures, including high-tech components for boats, so MPavilion 2015’s new harbour location will take it back to its roots.

“It was an honour to have been commissioned to design the 2015 MPavilion,”Amanda said. “The Pavilion is a celebration of those natural shelters where we come together. We used the boundary‐pushing technology of composite materials to form petals that are up to five metres in diameter but only a few millimetres thick.”
“One of the greatest satisfactions of this commission is knowing that Naomi’s generosity in gifting the Pavilion to the city will give it a new life in a new place,” she added.

Relocation of the structure began in February this year, and has included landscaping the area in which the pavilion stands. M Pavilion’s move has been long awaited by members of the community.

 “The City of Melbourne and the Naomi Milgrom Foundation gifted the pavilion to the Docklands community so it could continue to be admired and enjoyed by thousands of Victorians”, said Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley. “The second MPavilion will provide a lasting cultural legacy for Docklands and contribute to the area’s growing contemporary design and architecture scene.”

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