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23 February 2017

As well as being the perfect destination to catch up with friends, expand your mind at workshops, and go for a waterfront stroll, Victoria Harbour is a place hundreds of people call home.

So what draws people to live in Victoria Harbour, and what do they love most about the area? We caught up with four of the area’s residents to find out.



“There’s just so much on my doorstep: the library is just over the road, which is where my favourite secret spot in Melbourne is – there’s a huge window with a beautiful view of the Melbourne Star. Woolworths is also next door, and I call it my ‘fridge downstairs’! I love to cook so I’m often running down to Woollies for last minute supplies, but there are plenty of cafes and restaurants around for when I’m feeling lazy. The post office across the road is especially handy for all the online shopping I do!”

“Plus, there’s the free tram which gets me into the city in about ten minutes – it’s ideal for when I catch up with my friends and go salsa dancing in the CBD. I don’t have a car, so I rely a lot on public transport to get around. I think having the tram stop right next to my apartment adds to the sense of safety in Victoria Harbour. The building itself is really secure too, which makes my mum in Mauritius happy!”



“I spend my weekends relaxing around here – there’s no need to go far. I’ve got supermarkets and restaurants right on my doorstep. My favourite restaurant to eat at is at Pok Pok; delicious and so close by!

When I first moved here seven years ago it was quite different – only a Woollies and a couple of cafes - but the vibe and culture in Victoria Harbour has really changed in the time I’ve been here. It’s got its own community and identity, as other suburbs do.”

“There’s a diverse range of people living here, from single people and couples to families. I’ve got a couple of friends who used to live out in the suburbs but have recently moved to Victoria Harbour with their families because it’s so peaceful around here. It’s got atmosphere and is close to the city, but it doesn’t feel congested.”

Alex and Adam


“Victoria Harbour is an up and coming area so there’s a great vibe here – especially on a sunny day. On the weekends we like to get out and about and explore Melbourne, drink wine, eat out at restaurants, and see friends, so it’s great that everything is so close by. We love eating out at Banoi, our favourite restaurant nearby, and if we feel like cooking we often head to Kelly Cube – each cube contains everything you need to make a fresh meal!” 

“We both find the water really calming, so it’s great to be able to see it from our apartment. While the area’s pretty busy during the week, at weekends it’s quiet and peaceful. We see lots of families enjoying the parks and people running by the water. We like to go for bike rides down around the harbour, and enjoy sitting out on our balcony with a glass of wine – it actually feels like we’re on holiday, but this is our home!”

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