The benefits of meditation with Allison Hellier

13 December 2017

Allison Hellier from The Third Space Meditation in Victoria Harbour shares her insights into  how meditation can help refocus and balance busy lives.

What is Meditation at The Third Space like?

Allison: There are many different types of meditation,  however, we use a guided meditation approach that is holistic in its practice. We work towards combining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life during the session by incorporating deep breathing, relaxation, mindfulness techniques and the Lectio Divina – an ancient Monastic form of meditation.

Meditation at The Third Space allows you to put aside the stress and intensity of your work day and gives you an opportunity to refocus, relax and be inspired by the biblical texts. The communal nature of The Third Space encourages you to join with others in taking time to let go of your to-do lists and deadlines to fully engage in the practice of meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Allison: Deep breathing and relaxation improves the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange in the body thereby lowering cortisol levels in the blood and reducing stress and anxiety. Mindfulness and the Lectio Divina give your mind and soul an opportunity to re-centre and be inspired. This holistic approach means you will discover improvements in your creativity and productivity benefiting your work, home life and relationships. 

In particular, a consistent practice of meditation will improve your sense of wellbeing and mental health, and will encourage you to more fully engage in the abundance of life’s activities.

The Third Space Meditation
G10 / 22 Import Lane, Docklands

Third Space offer public meditation sessions every Thursday at 12.15pm. They will be taking a break after 14th December, starting up again on the 1st February 2018.

Attendance is by voluntary donation, with all proceeds raised supporting global water projects

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