Making Themselves at Home

28th April 2014

"There are cafes and restaurants opening all the time..."

Sonja, Forte resident

Who lives in the enchanting apartments of Victoria Harbour? Kiloran Hiscock and Sarah Werkmeister knocked on some doors to find out.

Robbie and Emma, Serrata

Beginning to tire of the lengthy commute to and from their respective workplaces close to the CBD, Emma and Robbie Lamendola moved from Craigieburn to a spacious apartment in Victoria Harbour two years go. Emma, an early childhood manager in South Melbourne, says that although the location was without a doubt a primary motivator, it was the lifestyle associated with the area that really appealed to the couple. “We like to eat out – there’s easy access to the CBD, shops and restaurants,” Emma says. “We can walk to South Melbourne Market, walk to the centre of the city – everything is at our doorstep. We often just go for a walk in the area.” “It’s so much easier than trying to fight your way through the city in the traffic,” Robbie adds.

Another drawcard was the building itself. It was important to Emma and Robbie to find a home that was roomy, well maintained and secure. The couple love to entertain, and their huge outdoor area is the perfect place to hold dinner parties with friends. When they are not hosting, they enjoy dining out either in the CBD or at one of the local eateries. Robbie, a chef who runs his own catering business in Essendon, has his definite favourites in the area. “We spread ourselves out a bit,” he admits. “Cafenatics have the best wraps, Pok Pok have the best coffee, and Caffe Bambino have the best rolls – make sure you put that in there or Massimo will get annoyed at me,” Robbie quips.“We support all of them!” Emma says.

With a newborn baby girl (Lilly) and two very busy lifestyles, the couple appreciates the security of the building and the convenience of having amenities so close to their property. “The Maternal Child Health nurse is just at the end of the street, so I go there with Lilly,” says Emma. “Everything’s just so close – banks, post office, doctor. It’s all within walking distance of where we live. We love living here.” – KH

Sonja, Forté

Why did you move to Victoria Harbour?

I’ve lived here for a year and Victoria Harbour has a really lovely energy – it’s buzzing during the day and quiet during the night. There are cafés and restaurants opening all the time and it’s very convenient. My hairdresser and gym are both very close and I can just hop on a tram and go to work. It’s exciting to watch it grow.

Which parts of Victoria Harbour do you use and visit on a regular basis?

I’ve just started going to a Banoi, a Vietnamese restaurant downstairs – the food there is really great.

What do you like about living in Victoria Harbour?

I’d been looking for an apartment for a long time and I really liked this one because it was different – it wasn’t high rise. My apartment has a lot of timber, which gives it a really warm feel, and they’re quite generous in space. The sustainability aspect of my building was really important to me as well. I really like living in an area with lots of green space – the more the better. – SW

Greg, lives with partner Sudha in Convesso

What do you enjoy about living in Victoria Harbour?

I like how it’s far enough from the noise but close enough to the busy areas. I have a choice of which gym to go to, and the architecture of the buildings is great. All the amenities are close and because the supermarket is close, we cook every other day. I’m also very excited about the new library – a progressive library that includes books, spaces for things like learning how to cook, internet access and a park behind it.

Which parts of Victoria Harbour do you use and visit on a regular basis?

We frequent Squires Loft, which is a steak place on the water, every few weeks. I go to Nashi – I’ve been addicted to their sandwiches for years. Burger Edge do a really good burger, and I go to Banoi, which is a new Vietnamese place with really good service, ambience and food. I like to go for walks and runs along the water and it’s nice to see different people doing different types of activities around the water.

Why did you move to Convesso?

We’ve lived in Docklands for about a year and a half – we were sick of the commute into the city, but we wanted to move into an
apartment in the city that felt more like a house. This apartment feels like a house. The trams are right outside our doorstep, and it’s quicker to get to the city in a tram than by car. The water was also a big decider. – SW

David and Daniel, Forté

What do you do?

David: I’m currently studying journalism.
Daniel: I am studying psychology and work in human resources.

How long have you lived in Victoria Harbour?

David: Just over one year.

Why did you choose to live at Victoria Harbour?

David: We liked this building … the design and the idea of apartment living appealed to us. We wanted to live close to the city.
Daniel: Sustainability was a big part of it; we wanted a building where we would be saving energy and not using much water.

What do you like about the Victoria Harbour lifestyle?

David: The proximity to the city, and there are more retail places beginning to open up for residents.
Daniel: Like Banoi and D.G. Expresso are both open in the evenings now.

You mentioned before that the apartment itself was a big part of the appeal of moving to Victoria Harbour. What else do you like about Forté?

Daniel: I like that it’s small; there’s only ten levels.
David: We’ve grown to know people in our building.

Where do you like to visit on a daily basis?

David: We like to walk up and down Yarra’s Edge. Sometimes we go and do cartwheels in the park!
Daniel: I like to spend time in the community garden – I volunteer there. – KH

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