Introducing Knowledge Market – launching 18 July 2016

11 July 2016
Key Information

A taste of Knowledge Market over the next few months…

  • Food – Indulge in creative cooking lessons, discover the paddock-to-plate journey and of course, taste test!
  • Art – Explore, discover and lose yourself in the world of the arts 
  • Mindfulness – Learn the secrets to calming your mind, mastering your thoughts and controlling your emotions    
  • Dance – Have fun, express yourself and dance like no one is watching with some of Australia’s most respected dance icons 
  • Personal development – Build self-confidence, take on a new challenge and learn to become the best version of yourself
  • Professional development – Hone your business skills in a uniquely collaborative learning environment  
  • Communication – Social media and digital courses aim to help businesses communicate their brand and build a strong presence online   

The quirky community, aptly named ‘Knowledge Market,’ will soon be home to some of Australia’s most inspirational mentors and facilitators whose workshops and events span all areas across food, culture, art and education.

Based in Concavo and located across from Library at The Dock, the new space is open to all ages and is focused on ‘doing’ rather than simply watching or listening. Knowledge Market is a truly unique space where people from all walks of life are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas, talent and experiences, stimulating our ‘collaborative economy.’

Knowledge Market will officially open its doors on 18 July and invites local workers, residents and visitors to forget their inhibitions and take part in a huge range of activities on offer over the next 12 months. 

A creative outlet to extend the minds of Docklands and Victoria Harbour’s progressive workforce, curious Melburnians are encouraged to take advantage of workshops based on skill development, team building, problem solving, leadership and innovation.

Melburnians can also learn valuable new skills, from digital storytelling and cooking to meditation and mindfulness, and are encouraged to become active members of Knowledge Market community. 

Residents, local workers and visitors can make the most of having this synergistic space on their doorstep by choosing to host their own group events. With workshop space for 50, auditorium seating for 80 and a standing function room for over 150 patrons, the opportunities are endless! 

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon – watch this space!

Check out what's on at Knowledge Market

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Check out what's on at Knowledge Market
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