Kelly Cube: The new standard in paddock-to-plate produce

11 July 2016
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As part of Knowledge Market, Kelly Cube will host cooking demonstrations and ‘paddock to plate’ seminars with local farmers over the coming months. Check out the latest events at Knowledge Market

The Kelly Cube wholefood meal kit is the epitome of ‘paddock to plate’ and the idea is nothing short of genius - a wholefood meal kit (in the shape of a cube) containing a recipe and all of the perfectly portioned ingredients to create a delicious and nutritious dinner in less than 15 minutes. 

Incredibly simple, healthy and fresh – it’s no wonder Kelly Cube recently won Overall Best Product in the 2015 Australian Food Awards.

Founder and Director Cameron Joss created his first Kelly Cube in 2011 as a humble platform for local farmers and producers to sell direct to consumers, and has since watched the business flourish with over 500 ready-to-cook meal kits available and a store now open in Victoria Harbour. 

“It came to my attention, whilst working overseas, that we could be doing so much more to support our local farmers and producers in Australia,” Cameron explains. “I wanted to make a difference, so I created this unique concept - the Kelly Cube – and set about building a network of people who are really passionate about good, honest and sustainable produce.”

Cameron says most of the Kelly Cube recipes are inspired by his travels. 

“Aside from cooking, travel is one of my biggest passions. Most of our recipes pay tribute to the flavours and cooking techniques I’ve picked over the years - my chimichurri, for example, is a special recipe from Northern Argentina. 

Argentina has the best beef in the world, and I was inspired by the ‘gauchos’ (cowboys) who would ride around on horses and cook huge BBQ feasts. They shared their secrets with me including their chimichurri sauce - which is a little more ‘red’ than usual - and I included this sauce in one of the very first four cubes I designed,” says Cameron.

Kelly Cube’s authentic and nutritious meal-kits are also suitable for all dietary needs - 80% of meal kits are gluten free and they also cater for nut, fish, fructose and dairy intolerances. There’s vegetarian options too, of course. 

“Although Kelly Cubes are great for the health-conscious and time-poor, our audience really is anyone and everyone – from students to professionals to families, even foodies. My oldest customer is 94 years old. I met her at the local café and offered her a ride home in the rain, and she’s been a regular customer ever since. Because she doesn’t know how to use the internet, she calls me directly with her order!”

The combination of personalised service and quality ingredients have seen Kelly Cube grow exponentially through word of mouth advertising, and now with a new store at the Knowledge Market in Victoria Harbour, Cameron says there are plans underway to further expand the Kelly Cube offering.

“We’re excited to get to know the locals and really activate our new space. Come on down and say hi!”

More Information
Customers can purchase a Kelly Cube from the new store, or buy online from and pick up in-store.
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