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20 January 2017
Key Information

Lyra’s list of yoga benefits

Yoga can:

-make you happier

-perfect your posture

- help you build muscle strength

-improve your flexibility

-boost your immunity

-help you focus

-increase blood circulation

- help you to manage stress

- help with anxiety and over-stimulation of the nervous system

- help to relieve muscular pain

Let’s face it – we live busy lives. How often do we take the time to step back, get some perspective and focus on the here and now? If you’ve been having trouble finding peace of mind lately, we’ve got the perfect remedy.

Jiva Wellbeing’s expert yogi, Lyra, will be running regular hatha yoga classes at Victoria Harbour’s Knowledge Market from January 2017.

Incorporating balance, mobility, strength and meditation, yoga is the perfect way to not only encourage fitness and health but to become more spiritually, bodily and emotionally aware. And if there’s anyone who has an inspirational story about the benefits of yoga, it’s Lyra.

Having experienced her first yoga class 11 years ago, Lyra was hooked from the word ‘go’:

“I’d say my first yoga class was a lightbulb moment for me. I felt lighter and rejuvenated afterwards, and wanted to do it all the time!” Lyra explains.

But a serious car accident six years ago had devastating consequences for Lyra. “I was unable to move, sit up by myself or walk without a cane. My doctors told me I’d be in chronic pain for the rest of my life, but there was no way I could accept that,” Lyra says.

“Yoga was therapeutic for me – it was as much about training my mind as training my body. In fact, I’d say it was instrumental in my healing process.”

Following on from her experience, Lyra trained as a professional yoga instructor, and now shares her love and passion for yoga by encouraging as many people as possible to experience the benefits for themselves.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health and increase your mindfulness, Lyra’s class is for you. From beginners right through to the more experienced, anyone can take part.

“Everyone can do yoga: if you have a body, you can do it! My youngest student is 13 and my eldest is 93 - it’s all about going at your own pace and listening to your own body. That’s why I take a holistic approach to each of my classes, amending the pace and level of the poses depending on the ability of people in my class,” Lyra explains.

“The yoga I teach is hatha yoga, which is the physical yoga practice of asanas, or yoga postures and poses. I incorporate styles from other approaches to yoga into my classes, such as Iyengar yoga with props, pranayama – or breathing exercises- as well as meditation. Plus, I always include a restorative element towards the end of each class, to make sure everyone leaves feeling deeply relaxed.”

Right next to the harbour, with a park opposite and free trams right outside, the Knowledge Market is the perfect spot to start your morning mindfully. Lyra will provide yoga mats and props, or you can bring your own if you’d prefer.

Find out more about Jiva Wellbeing’s classes at Knowledge Market.

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