GoGet 'em!

7th April 2015

Inner-city living offers plenty of benefits such as being close to work, being well connected to public transport and having great amenity on your doorstep. However, just because you don't drive that often, doesn't mean you never need a car. Car Share is becoming an increasingly popular, and cost-effective, solution, and in Victoria Harbour GoGet has arrived.

What is GoGet?
GoGet started in Newtown in 2003, and is Australia’s first and biggest car share network. We have over 1,800 cars and 55,000 members, across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

What is car share?
Car share allows people to live without a car of their own, by booking a vehicle by the hour or by the day as they need one. Members book a car online through GoGet’s booking system, use their personal swipe card to access the vehicle closest to them, and return the car to the same parking spot when they’re done. By splitting the fixed costs of car ownership across many drivers, it’s an easy and cost-efficient alternative to private car ownership.

What are the benefits to members?
GoGet has cars conveniently located in streets and car parks, so members can use GoGet like it’s their own car. GoGet takes care of the costs and inconveniences of car ownership, like petrol, registration, maintenance, cleaning and parking. Members only pay a monthly membership fee and for the hours and kilometres they drive. GoGet has a diverse fleet of hatchbacks, wagons, vans, utes, people movers and even premium brand cars, so members are able to have the vehicle they need, rather than being stuck with one they own.

What are the benefits to society?

  • Every GoGet car takes 12 cars off the road.
  • Over 20 people use each GoGet car, dramatically improving neighbourhood parking.
  • Car share has a benefit-to-cost ratio of 19.4% for the community, a very high number compared to traditional transport initiatives.
  • Businesses use car share instead of buying a fleet, saving money and helping the community.
  • Car share reduces car dependence since cars are on hand for when they’re really needed, and members embrace many different forms of alternative transport at other times.
  • Less car use means reduced congestion impacts and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

How much does owning a car actually cost?
We estimate it costs around $650 a month to own and run a car comparable to the vehicles in our fleet. Most car ownership costs are fixed, so you pay them even if you don’t drive.

How much does GoGet cost?
Members can choose no monthly fee and only pay when they drive, or pay a monthly fee to reduce their hourly and daily rates. A moderate usage GoGet member spends less than $200 a month. You only pay for what you use.

Where is GoGet in Victoria Harbour?
There are two GoGet Pods in Victoria Harbour. You can pick up Birgitta the Van or Hafiz the Rav4 from Bourke Street (near the corner of Geographe Street), or jump into Quan the Yaris on Merchant Street, near the corner of Bourke Street.

For more information on how you can drive any one of these cars away today, check out the GoGet Website.

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