The Evolution of Collins Wharf

18 May 2017

While Melbourne might be a young city compared to other parts of the world, we’re already proving to be leaders in sustainable designs and finding new ways to showcase our historical landmarks.

The continuing evolution of Collins Wharf is a prime example of an area that will be reinvigorated to expand the CBD and bring Melbourne into the 21st century while retaining elements of its original design.

A blast from the past

Before the 1960s, Victoria Harbour was Melbourne’s busiest dock – responsible for processing over 90 per cent of all imports – and functioned as the central port of Melbourne that all business had to go through.

When shipping moved further upriver to accommodate for larger containers, the docks ceased to serve a function and by the 1980s had become rundown.

Seeing the potential in the disused docks and old storage sheds, the early 2000s saw the beginnings of developments expand Collins Street and bring life back to the docks.

Eyes on the future

Designed with a focus on health and wellness and a connection to the surrounding water, Collins Wharf is set to transform Victoria Harbour into the most sought-after residential and recreational neighbourhood in Melbourne.

Some of the exciting facilities coming to Collins Wharf include:

  • Two major parks and a number of smaller pocket parks
  • An additional kilometre of waterfront promenade
  • Outdoor fitness stations
  • A new health and wellbeing centre with a public pool and gym
  • A floating Eco Park with pre-settlement vegetation including native grasses and large specimen trees for local wildlife
  • Water Steps to allow public access to the water’s edge

Victoria Harbour’s sustainable designs have recently achieved a 6-star Green Star Communities rating, and by incorporating architecture that echoes the shed roofs of the 1960s, Collins Wharf is the link between the past and future of the docks.

Thanks to the tree-lined streets, panoramic waterfront views and easy access to the CBD, Collins Wharf is evolving into a neighbourhood that sets a standard in living not just for Melbourne but for the rest of the world as well.

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