Knowledge Market welcomes Creative Commune

20 September 2016

Are you keen to take up a new hobby but not sure what? Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, learn a new skill and let your imagination run wild when you participate in a Creative Commune workshop.

We’re thrilled to introduce creative wife and husband duo, Creative Commune to Knowledge Market. The two bring a relaxed approach to teaching and learning, offering a multitude of workshops including photography, nail art, terrarium making and furniture building. Whether you're a Melbourne local or a visiting tourist, there’s something for everyone.

“We run short classes on anything and everything,” say JenJen and Tobetron, of Creative Commune. “We want to encourage and develop a local community art project which involves sharing knowledge, with a strong emphasis on artistic cultural traditions, embracing diversity and exploring various forms of artistic expression.”

Their concept focuses on fostering a nurturing and inspiring learning environment while celebrating the differences that community members bring. Although JenJen and Tobetron lend their experiences in events and design, individuals who are able to offer any sort of creative skillset are encouraged to lead these workshops.

“The style of these classes are planned to be informal and are taught by locals,” says JenJen. “Participation in the community-led Creative Commune program provides promotion and exposure to wide-reaching arts enthusiasts through various forms.”

The DIY workshops are all about trying things you never thought to do and meeting people you never thought you’d cross paths with. They’re designed to help develop the self and the community, as much as they are to help you hone a new skill.

Victoria Harbour’s Knowledge Market is a space for learning and collaboration, so Creative Commune is the perfect partner. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional artist, everyone’s welcome to come and contribute knowledge and work with others.

“The aim is to build a long term program that will encourage relationship building and creativity, as we believe that creativity is everywhere, just use your imagination,” says Tobetron. As their motto goes, “creativity is contagious, pass it on!”

Sign yourself up to one of Creative Commune’s exciting workshops by visiting the Knowledge Market website.

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