5 of the best community spaces at Victoria Harbour

20 September 2016

If you’re looking for somewhere to meet new people and try new activities, you’ll find plenty of opportunities right here in Victoria Harbour.

From learning hubs and libraries to community gardens and parks, here are some of the best community spaces the precinct has to offer…

Library at The Dock

The Library at The Dock is more than just home to a vast collection of books, community workspaces, and free seminars. It’s also a space to learn 3D printing, or participate in a game of table tennis! It even has a performance space, editing and recording suites, and a gallery, all open to the public to use and enjoy. It’s also Australia’s first 6-star Green Star rated public building, having won several sustainable design and architecture awards since its opening in 2014.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere quiet to study, a place to grab a coffee and enjoy the relaxing harbour views, or a space to learn something new, the Library at The Dock is the perfect place to do it.

Community garden

The Docklands Community Garden is an oasis at the heart of the Victoria Harbour precinct. The garden operates on the expectation of honesty, and those who use it are guided by the principle of ‘take something, give something back’.

Pick fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from the plants and trees growing there, and give back by donating money or time to help cultivate the space, or planting seedlings. You’ll often find a community of green-thumbed friends sharing knowledge and experience, and working together to keep the garden thriving. Why not join the horticultural hordes, go back to basics and get your hands dirty?!

Knowledge Market

Knowledge Market is home to some of Australia’s most inspirational mentors and facilitators, and is a creative outlet to extend the minds of Docklands and Victoria Harbour’s progressive workforce. Curious Melburnians are encouraged to take advantage of community workshops based on skill development, team building, problem solving, leadership and innovation

Located across from Library at The Dock, the Knowledge Market is open to all ages and is focused on ‘doing’ rather than simply watching or listening. Knowledge Market is a truly unique space where people from all walks of life are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas, talent and experiences.

Local workers, residents and visitors are invited to forget their inhibitions and take part in a huge range of activities on offer, from storytelling and social media workshops to hula hooping and meditation.

MPavilion 2015

MPavillion 2015 is a magical forest-like structure and architectural masterpiece which has recently been moved from its original location at Queen Victoria Gardens to its new home in Victoria Harbour. Now on the corner of Collins Street and Harbour Esplanade, MPavilion 2015 was the winner of Melbourne’s annual pavilion competition, but it’s more than just a beautiful design; MPavilion 2015 is an event space, a meeting hub and a symbol of the value of public art in our society.

With its ultra-thin forest-like canopy of translucent petals which sway in the breeze, the MPavilion is the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch on a sunny day, or catch up with friends at the weekend.

In its previous location at Queen Victoria Gardens, the MPavilion played host to over 76,000 people at more than 400 talks, workshops, performances and other cultural events! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come now it’s settled in its new harbour-side home! 

Buluk Park

Buluk Park is one of Melbourne’s most vibrant urban parks. In the Kulin language, ‘buluk’ means ‘wetlands’ or ‘swamp’, reflecting the land’s original use by Aboriginal people as a place for growing and harvesting food.

With its extensive seating and eating areas, drinking fountains and lighting, Buluk Park is the perfect place to stop for a picnic. As well as being a relaxing natural environment for visitors to unwind, the park is also home to a play space for children, including sensory, water and adventure play stations.

As it’s bordered by the Library at the Dock, the Knowledge Market and retail outlets nearby, is also a convenient place to meet friends, relax and see some of the precinct’s best public art, performance and events.

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