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20th May 2014

"… designed to enhance human interaction, not just within businesses but between them."


Ed Horton, Stable Group

Lifestyle Working Collins Street at Victoria Harbour reflects and advances new ways of thinking about work, writes Rowena Robertson.

Rapidly changing markets and the advent of ever more sophisticated technology mean the old ways of doing business are being turned on their heads. With this have come new innovations in working spaces. Lifestyle Working Collins Street at Victoria Harbour, a sustainable building that’s home to a number of diverse businesses, is a prime example of an office building that is embracing the new by challenging how and where we work and which is, importantly, designed around people.


A co-development between Lend Lease and the Stable Group, and designed by noted Australian architects nettletontribe, Lifestyle Working is a four-storey, 137-suite building with 5 Star Green Star certification. “Being  a sustainable building, we have a big focus on energy,” says Ed Horton, director of Stable Group. “We have over 2000 square metres of roof area, and around 540 250-watt solar panels.” Other sustainable elements of the building include rainwater harvesting and passive energy solutions, while the long axis of each block is oriented north-south to maximise access to natural daylight.


Lifestyle Working is designed to enhance human interaction, not just within businesses but between them. To this end, the building’s design incorporates generous amounts of public open space, warm materials like timber, several gardens, widespread natural ventilation and communal meeting spaces. “This building encourages you to move outside your own business space and to be part of the building, and in doing that you’ll have casual interaction with other businesses in the building,” says Michael Morgan, managing director of nettletontribe, which has offices in Lifestyle Working. “The first meeting won’t mean anything, but by the time you get to number seven you’ll be doing something together – there’s no doubt about that.”


Ed Horton describes it as a “campus”-style or collegial-style environment, “where people don’t mind coming to work on a Monday.”Lifestyle Working has attracted a range of tenants, from workplace consultants Calder Consultants to interdisciplinary design firm Heine Jones to management consultants CIS to CrossFit and personal training company Fitness Fraternity, all of which add richness and diversity not just to Lifestyle Working  but to Victoria Harbour as a whole, bringing to the precinct a different layer of community participation.


Incorporation of the latest technology has been fundamental to the design of Lifestyle Working. “We have, we would like to think, future-proofed the building [by designing] fibre into the building,” says Ed Horton. Privileged and semi-privileged spaces are available for tenants to use and can be booked online or through the building’s app. All tenants have access to boardroom facilities and smartboards at no extra cost; this is particularly beneficial to the small to medium enterprises that make up the core tenancy  of Lifestyle Working.


In a fun initiative, Lifestyle Working also  has its own fleet of electric scooters, available  free of charge to all occupants and which  can be used to zip into the city for meetings.  This immediate availability of transport

influenced the decision not to provide parking at the complex.


Lifestyle Working Collins Street took out the 2013 BPN Sustainability Awards  prize for Large Commercial design, consolidating its sustainability and innovation credentials.


Tenancies are currently available for lease and purchase; for details contact  Gary Cakir on 0413 522 533  or


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