Capturing the magic

28 July 2017

When you look this good it’s hard not to get out the camera. No, we’re not looking in a mirror but rather out the window. We might be biased about this good looking little neighbourhood, but with all the cute cafes, unique architecture and those envy-inducing harbour views, Victoria Harbour is fast becoming a must-visit location for shutterbugs.

We had two photographers visit in the past month to capture their version of Victoria Harbour. Jackson Loria and Simon Shiff both bring a unique perspective to their work that is reflected in their photography styles.

Tell us a bit about your photography career

Simon - I used to spend hours drawing whatever was in front of me as realistically as possible. At 16, I picked up my first camera and just started playing until a fixation to learn more began.

I took a photography course at a private institute a year later where I continued to refine my skills and develop a style. My preferences are always changing but I love shooting with a strong branding concept that demands a balance of creativity and brand strategy.

Jackson -  I’ve never had any professional lessons or formal study, but taught myself how to use a camera when I was in high school. Following a skateboarding accident and multiple surgeries on my elbow, I needed a way to stay connected to my skater friends so I picked up a camera again and starting shooting down at local skate parks.

I was shooting a friend at a competition when someone approached me about using some of my images. He turned out to be from Red Bull who really helped open doors and launch my career.

What made you become a photographer?

Simon - I never dreamed to be a photographer. My creative passion drove my career path in a very organic way. I enjoy what I do and have never felt as though I have worked a day in my life. 

Jackson - Getting that first paycheck and realising this could be an actual career came as a bit of a surprise. After I made the jump from sports to landscape photography, just watching my work improve with each new opportunity has been so rewarding. Ultimately, it was about doing what makes me happy.

How was the experience shooting at Victoria Harbour?

Simon - It was easy to park and get around on foot, which is always a big plus for a photographer. The precinct has so much variety with different personalities around every corner. It was great to wander from the Blended Beard to A25 Pizzas, where the smell from the ovens in action is enough to pull you inside.

Jackson - My work usually involves travelling out to remote locations, so shooting in such an urban environment was a big change for me. I had a lot of fun pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get some great pictures of the area.

What were some of your favourite locations in the precinct?

Simon - Code Black Coffee is a little coffee shop, with beautiful natural light, friendly staff and an exceptional strong skinny latte. I really loved their white metal tables in the window and ended up featuring them in a number of photos. 

Jackson - The Light House was amazing to see in person, and I loved the ambience along the pier behind the library. Shooting around Victoria Harbour at sunset offers the most beautiful lighting and views across the water.

The above photo was taken by Jackson Loria. We will be showcasing amazing photos of Victoria Harbour by both of these talented photographers on our social media channels so keep your eyes peeled for more!
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