Victoria Harbour meets the Barber Club

14 December 2016

The Barber Club at Victoria Harbour is no ordinary barbers. This barber shop hones a unique style which combines an old-school look complete with upmarket services and on-trend products – an ideal choice for the modern man. They cater for locals and the corporate market, and specialise in the latest men’s hair trends.

Founded 11 years ago, with a flagship store in Bentleigh, owner Alex Tabakman decided to open up a shop in Victoria Harbour six years back, following an invitation from a friend in the Dockland’s local business community – and he’s never looked back.

These days, Alex still spends some time on the floor cutting hair, but also works as an educator and trainer, both for his own staff and the industry.

We spoke to Alex about barber culture, his clientele and what it’s like to work in Victoria Harbour. 

“I love making people look good, and that’s what it’s all about for me.  Making the guys look professional and having the resource to service them as they come in without making them wait too long is key. I like to help them feel happy and confident – this is something that’s really important, especially for a lot of the junior corporate men that come in.”

His days are busy – they open at 8.30am with a queue outside the door most mornings that doesn’t slow down until lunchtime, and then there’s an end of day rush. The Barber Club offers haircuts, shaves, and a huge range of specialist grooming products which are popular with their clientele. Alex and his team of barbers also offer customers advice on how to shave, what to shave with and how to best look after their faces.

Alex thinks it’s his team’s commitment to professional quality – and minimal waiting times – that sets them apart from other barbers, and helped them win Best Barber Business of the Year at this year’s Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIA). In fact, The Barber Club is the first company in Australia to implement a digital queueing system, which means customers can walk in, put their name down, go back out for a coffee and head back when they receive a notification.

But many prefer to wait in the shop. As one of Australia’s largest barber shops, The Barber Club Docklands is extra spacious, with leather sofas for customers to relax on, Wi-Fi, complementary beverages including beer and sparkling water, sports channels, up to date magazines and newspapers – everything the modern man needs at the touch of his fingertips.

Alex himself loves working in Victoria Harbour. He enjoys the mix of clients, the buzz – AFL, Channel Seven & Nine are all based there – the coffee shops, its location by the water, and the friendly people, and feels it’s come a long way even in the six years he’s been there. The Barber Club has plenty of room to grow within Victoria Harbour and it’s a bright future ahead.

For more information on The Barber Club, visit their website, or just pop in!

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