Balcony bliss

23rd June 2016
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Alisa and Lysandra are best known for winning the 2013 season of reality TV show The Block. The ‘design duo’ have since established themselves as interior transformation experts and have collaborated with several high-profile brands and clients.

Furniture and scale

Unlike detached dwellings, where outdoor spaces may be separate from the home, a balcony is the natural extension of an apartment, so carrying through the styling of your interiors will ensure you have a seamless décor. Choosing a retro setting for your balcony when your living room is glam is a no-no.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, but scale is very important. You may fall in love with an outdoor lounge that looks amazing, but if it’s not weather resistant or if it’s too big for your space, you’ll regret it.

Create the illusion of space

Layering is our best trick when it comes to creating the illusion of space. You can create visual layers with plants by grouping tall varieties with shorter bushy types. Add an outdoor rug, or panels of wooden decking that are easy to lay. If space permits add some poufs, which can adapt to your set up and even be used indoors when needed. If your area is small, surrender the idea of a central coffee table and use manoeuvrable side tables like drums or stools instead.


Embrace weather-resistant cushions, throws and towels that are made out of UV- and mould-resistant fabrics, and can be easily washed after a party or a full season in the sun. Add lighting for an ambient feel; think fairy lights, candles, votives and lanterns. All of these finishing touches have the capacity to completely transform your balcony.

Make it lush

Plants create an incredible ambience that promotes a sense of calm. Monitor the amount of sunlight you receive and the direction it comes from. If the hot afternoon sun hits your balcony, you’ll need to choose plants that can handle it. No sun? No problem. Tropical plants like kentia palms and cordylines thrive in a low-light environment. Consider the size of your plants in relation to your space. For small balconies, use window boxes to grow herbs or flowers. And if you space is really limited you might consider the espalier method, which involves training plants to grow on stainless steel wire to virtually any shape and size you want. For an evergreen option consider bougainvillea, or the hardy Chinese star Jasmine.

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