7 Day Detox

11th May 2015

Traditionally, Easter followed a period of self-denial called Lent, and while you might still know the odd person who gives up sweet treats for the six weeks before Easter, it’s a tradition that has mostly dropped off the radar.

But the need to purify is still popular, and Lent has been overtaken by more secular rituals like FebFast, a month-long detox program that’s also a fundraiser for at-risk youth. So whether you’ve been repenting with Lent or fat blasting with Febfast, Easter and the beginning of winter are two things that are notorious for knocking us off the health wagon.

Steph Luis is a personal trainer at YMCA Docklands. She also instructs some pretty scary-for-wimps classes like boxing and Les Mills Grit Strength. When we asked her what she would say to someone who had overindulged and wanted to see results in a week, she laughed out loud. Then she said: “No alcohol! And no sugar. A banana a day is OK, but remember that not all fruit is created equal – four Medjool dates is equivalent in energy to a standard-size Mars bar, so go easy.”

Regular exercise is obviously a must, and Steph suggests three or four half-hour sessions a week, but you’ll need to up that to five or six for your detox blitz. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, Steph suggests grabbing a friend and going for a walk. Even a humble park bench offers options for a mini workout: use it for squats, push-ups, box jumps and dips. Try Steph’s Detox Blitz Workout every second day over seven days, along with a couple of lower-impact sessions like walking, Pilates or yoga, and you’ll be fighting fit before you know it.

Steph from YMCA Docklands takes us through an easy workout that burns calories and increases strength.

Steph’s Detox Blitz 30-minute Circuit Workout
Repeat this circuit three times, with 18 reps in round two and 16 reps in round three.

  • 400m run (outside or on a treadmill): sprint if you’re fit, but a fast jog will work for most
  • 20 reps weighted squats: squat while holding a light-to-medium weight 
  • 20 reps box jumps: jump onto a box, bench or step and jump down
  • 20 reps squat and press with dumbbells: lift light dumbbells above your head as you squat (canned food works well if you don’t have dumbbells)
  • 20 reps sit-ups or crunches: your preferred way
  • 20 reps kettle bell swings: squat and hold a medium weight of about 4kg between your legs, and swing up to eye level as you straighten up

To book a training session with Steph, call YMCA Docklands on 8615 9622 or email steph.luis@ymca.org.au.

That’s the exercise sorted, but what should we be eating? Scientific studies have shown that we overeat in social situations, so it makes sense that the key to a detox program is preparing your own food and eating at home whenever you can. For those whose eyes just glazed over at the thought of the time required to shop and chop, not to mention the mess and waste, Kelly Cube is here to help.

With over 350 meal kits available, Kelly Cube is a lazy detoxer’s dream, and everything comes measured and packaged in a biodegradable cube. Meals take 15 minutes or less to prepare and cook, and are made from wholefoods and high-quality ingredients sourced from local farms. Specialty options are available, and you can order a cube when you need or pick-and-mix your own menu plan.

Cam from Kelly Cube has selected seven healthy dinners from their collection of quick-and-easy meal kits: 

  • Honey Dijon Chicken with a Superfood Salad: 2 serves, $19.50
  • Chicken and Bulgur Salad with Feta, Avocado and Corn: 2 serves, $19.50
  • Thai Beef Salad with Vine Tomatoes and Three Herbs: 2 serves, $37
  • Chia Tenders with a Pecan, Feta and Craisin Salad: 2 serves, $28.50
  • Teryaki Chicken with a Pomegranate, Snow Pea and Fresh Herb Salad: 2 serves, $28.50
  • Gippsland Beef Rump with Royal Greens: 2 serves, $28.50
  • Grilled Chicken with Black Bean Corn Quinoa: 2 serves, $19.50

To order any of the meal kits in this menu go to: www.kellycube.com.au/collections/7-day-healthy-detox-collection.

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