5 ways to stay fit this winter

23rd June 2016

Let’s face it, winter is notorious for knocking us off the health wagon. Luckily Andrew Ward, Manager at YMCA Docklands, is here to share his fuss-free tips for staying fit this winter…

With the colder months now upon us, it’s all too easy for us to slip into our tracksuit, switch on Netflix and stuff our face silly on a chilly Melbourne night. If your exercise routine takes a back seat, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Andrew assures us it’s quite common for exercise motivation to suffer during winter. “Most people find it more challenging in the colder months to stay motivated and maintain daily exercise routines. The good news is you can plan to overcome this from the start.”

Here are Andrew’s top 5 tips to staying fit this winter:

  1. Make commitments – It’s much harder to break your routine when you have commitments set in place. Make a team commitment with your colleagues, partner or family to help motivate each other, especially on the days when the weather is brutally cold and wet.
  2. Keep warm – Going out in the middle of a storm to get cold and wet whilst exercising isn’t going to be enjoyable or healthy (you might catch a cold!), so look for warm and inviting environments to exercise in instead. Consider these ideas – swimming laps in a heated pool, taking a hot yoga class, visiting the gym or try using an infra-red sauna for some cosy relaxation.
  3. Stay healthy – You won’t be able to stay fit if you get sick and winter is a great time to balance and improve your nutritional intake. Ensure that you’re eating plenty of veggies and fruit so that you are gaining all the vitamins and minerals you need to fight off any colds or flu that might be going around.
  4. Work on your strength (indoors!) - It’s always important to train with weights and resistance. You don’t realise how fast you lose your muscle mass and density through inactivity. Maintaining your muscle mass will ensure your metabolic rate stays optimised.
  5. Have fun – No one can maintain an exercise program that isn’t fun and enjoyable. Make the most of those dry and sunny winter days and revert back to outdoor exercise formats like running or boot camps. You can even try cross country skiing or take longer athletic walks to interesting places.

To book a training session at YMCA, call YMCA Docklands on (03) 8621 8300


So that’s the exercise sorted, but what should we be eating? Studies have shown that we overeat in the colder months, so it makes sense that the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter is eating healthily. For those whose eyes just glazed over as you imagine eating a lettuce leaf for dinner, there are plenty of convenient, healthy, hearty and seriously tasty alternatives – like Pita Pit Docklands.

Pita Pit will be your new best friend this winter offering a range of light and tasty pita shells packed full with fresh vegetables and lean proteins. For those who’d like an even lighter option, Pita Pit also offer a range of delicious salads and smoothies to help keep you fuelled through winter.

We’ve selected our five favourite healthy options from Pita Pit:

  • Roast Lamb Pita: Mary had a little one, what will you have? Starts at $9.90
  • Falafel Pita: Chickpea patties, a Pita Pit icon, not just vegetarians. Starts at $8.90
  • Pulled Pork Salad: Succulent slow cooked pulled pork with Chipotle Relish. Starts at $10.90
  • Immuni Tropical Smoothie: To help you fight the winter sniffles. $6.50
  • Kiwi Berry Omega 3: Assists with heart and general health. $6.50

To order any of the options on this menu visit: http://pitapit.com.au/order/

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