Getting started with 3D printing – a beginner’s guide

30 August 2017

While many of us consider smartphones to be the best invention of our lifetime, 3D printers are quickly gaining traction in many industries as we discover more uses for this amazing invention.

If you’re not familiar with 3D printing, it is a method of additive manufacturing where a three-dimensional object is created from a digital file. By laying down many thin layers of successive materials, this creates an object which can be seamless and hollow.

We are still learning about the full capabilities of 3D printers, but early adopters have already found new ways to create working acoustic guitars, camera lenses, shoes and everyday household items.

Researchers have even  developed a method of 3D printing to create a functioning human heart made of organic materials, in a move that could potentially revolutionise organ transplants in the future.

If you’re keen to be part of the 3D revolution, then Victoria Harbour is the place to be.

In June this year, the 3D Printing Studio opened its doors at 888 Collins Street, bringing with it new 3D printing technology. For anyone living or working in Victoria Harbour, you can pop in and visit the team who can help you produce anything, anytime.

Another option for anyone interested in trialling 3D printing for themselves is the MakerHangout workshops held on Friday nights at Library at the Dock. These free sessions are dedicated to exploring Mbots, Raspberry Pi and of course, 3D printers.   

 Sessions are open to everyone over 15 years who has a creative project in mind or just wants to learn more about the latest technologies.

You can upload your 3D printing design prior to attending the session, or work with the team on the night to create something special.

Spots are limited so bookings are essential, but no previous experience or knowledge is needed.

To register  and find out more information, please visit the event listing.

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