Meet local author Carol Jones

21 November 2018

Meet local author Carol Jones

The Victoria Harbour resident shares a snapshot of her writing life.

Many of the world’s most famous writers have their own unique writing routine. From JK Rowling penning Harry Potter during every free moment in her local café, to Ernest Hemingway writing before dawn, the creative writing process is different for everyone. 

For local resident and author Carol Jones, her morning routine in Victoria Harbour helped get her creative juices flowing to write her new book, The Concubine’s Child.

“I actually don’t get down to writing until 11am or so, after I’ve done all my chores for the day and taken my dog, Billy, for a walk. In fact, I get my best ideas when I’m walking my dog.”

Creative writing is much more than putting pen to paper – it requires constant contemplation and reflection. “An important part of my writing routine is just thinking. Giving your subconscious mind time to work as well as your conscious mind is just as important as the writing itself.”

Carol gets out and about with Billy, her adorable schnauzer cross poodle, who is walked several times a day. “There are so many little parks and green spaces near our apartment in Victoria Harbour, we never get tired of exploring the area and taking in the sights.”

Once Carol begins writing for the day, her home is her sanctuary. “If I get writer’s block, my trick is to just write my way out of it. What I have at the end of the day might not be good, but at least it’s something. I often find myself staring out the window at the beautiful harbour views, which are incredibly inspiring in their own way. Watching the water and the boats can help to relax my mind and let the words flow.”
When in need of a caffeine pick-me-up, Carol has her favourite local haunts. “Billy Barista is right across the road when I need a coffee. If the weather is nice, I head to Café Bambino in Victoria Green to enjoy my coffee in their outdoor seating.”

Carol’s life isn’t all dog walking and writing. Having lived in Victoria Harbour for six years, she has many favourite places to eat. “We love how convenient it is to live here and the city really is our oyster when it comes to eating out. But when we want to stay close to home, we head to Merchant Society. Charlie is a really friendly host who loves to chat to all his customers. It’s the community atmosphere as much as the delicious food that keeps us coming back.”

The Concubine’s Child is the story of four generations who are haunted by the death of a young concubine in 1930s Malaysia. The mystery spans years and continents, illustrating how one act affects the lives of generations as ghosts of the past make themselves known again. 

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