Interested in hosting your own community trivia night?

24 September 2018

Interested in hosting your own community trivia night?

There are some tips to ensure the event is a raging success.

How to host your own community trivia night
The ultimate guide for aspiring quizmasters

There is nothing quite like a night of fun-filled trivia to break up the working week or to kick off the weekend. Last month, local resident/quiz master Abhi Nigam and the 883 Collins Street social committee put that theory to the test by hosting the building’s first community trivia night. It was a raging success with 11 teams and over 50 people battling it out to take out the title of 883 Collins’ trivia champions. 

Are you thinking about putting your general knowledge skills to the test and hosting your own trivia night? Here are Abhi’s top tips for organising and hosting the ultimate community quiz: 

Know your audience

As quiz master, you need to ensure you understand who is likely to attend. Being in tune with your audience’s interests will ensure you choose the right categories and topics.

If you have a diverse group of people attending, it’s best to include a variety of topics that range from music and art to geography and science; that way everyone stands a chance to win with an even playing field.

Prepare your questions wisely

I recommend always having a balance of easy and difficult questions from a variety of categories, so everyone can test their knowledge. You can search for free quiz questions online to start compiling your quiz (but make sure you fact check them first!). 

As a rule of thumb, have 10 questions per round and make three easy, three difficult and four somewhere in between to ensure it remains competitive. The most important thing is to make sure you phrase your questions correctly so there is no confusion over what the answer should be.

Just go for it

There are a lot of people who sit at the back of a pub during trivia nights and wonder what it would be like to be a quiz master. In my experience it was so much fun and a great opportunity to engage with the community.

Remember, the crowd will respond to your energy so have fun with it. For example, for a bit of entertainment on the night, I asked the teams to vote if they wanted to deduct points from the winning team or get those at the bottom of the ladder to choose the next topic. 

Being a quiz master is all about making sure everyone is engaged and gets a red hot go!

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