Four reasons to visit The Docklands Community Garden this spring

24 October 2018

Four reasons to visit The Docklands Community Garden this spring

Time spent in open green space can help boost your productivity and health.

Have you been spending your spring days sitting at a desk?

Well it’s time to give yourself a break and head outdoors for a dose of vitamin D. Not only will time outside enhance your health and wellbeing and increase your step count for the day, but according to Wellness Daily, time in the sun can also relieve stress, boost creativity, and improve your ability to focus in the office.

Conveniently located in the park on Import Lane (between Bourke Street and Collins Street), the Docklands Community Garden is a great spot to visit on your lunch break.

Here’s why:

Fresh herbs and vegetables
The Docklands Community Garden is a small-scale source of reusable food that is run by a group of volunteers in the Victoria Harbour community. The garden is thriving with seasonal lettuce, carrot, spinach, kale, zucchini and eggplant. The herbs and vegetables are free to pick, but don’t forget to give back to the garden by volunteering your time and effort at their next planting day or working bee.

The Docklands Community Garden generously offers a communal composting facility where you can dispose of organic produce including coffee beans, eggshells, teabags and vegetable scraps. It’s a great way to reduce waste, while providing materials to help enrich the garden’s soil, retain moisture and suppress plant disease. So get on board with sustainable urban living by responsibly returning plant-based products to the earth.

Take a break
With a seated pavilion and plenty of chairs, there is no shortage of places to sit and enjoy the fresh air in Victoria Harbour. You can lounge on deck chairs while reading a book or bask in the sun as you chat away with other locals visiting the garden. It’s all about embracing a holistic approach to sustainable community living where you care for your mind, environment and neighbours.

Meet new people
With regular meetings and working bees, the community garden is an excellent opportunity to network with other Victoria Harbour residents. Visiting the garden is about being part of an initiative that celebrates gardening, community living and sustainable urban lifestyles. So why not enjoy all the organic goodness the ecological hub has to offer this spring?

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