Four reasons to shop local in July

11 July 2019

July is Independent Retailer Month. It’s an opportunity to recognise the role independent retailers play in our community and say thank you for their contribution to our neighbourhood.

From personal trainers to pastry chefs, Victoria Harbour is home to a number of entrepreneurs who are bringing their craft to the Docklands. This month, we want to introduce you to some of these business owners and managers as they discuss what shopping local means to them.

Jo Ward
Jo Ward is the general manager at TAP831, a local bar and restaurant located in Victoria Harbour. She has been working in hospitality for more than a decade and is extremely passionate about wine and sustainability. To Jo, shopping local is about feeling a sense of belonging in your community. It’s about being able to walk into a nearby shop and feel like the staff are an extension of your friendship group or family. Click here to learn more about TAP831.

Bryan Letch
Bryan Letch is the owner of InFitPTv Docklands, a corporate fitness and personal training studio on Merchant Street. Throughout his career, he has helped many residents and workers become happier, stronger and more confident. To Bryan, shopping local is about supporting your neighbours. He dines at nearby restaurants, shops at local retailers and always supports local business owners when he can. Click here to learn more about InFitPTv.

Howard Wood
Howard Wood is the Company Director at 3D Printing Studios, a full-service 3D printing facility on Collins Street. From designing a new piece of medical equipment to printing movie props for a local filmmaker, he loves bringing the community’s ideas to life through 3D technology. A team player, Howard believes that shopping local is about engaging with your neighbours, exchanging ideas and supporting local businesses in the community. Click here to learn more about 3D printing solutions.

Peter Mastro
Peter Mastro is co-owner of Saluministi, a bustling panini bar overlooking Buluk Park. People often talk about their devotion to food, but Peter’s love affair with salami began from the moment he could chew. After spending the majority of his adult life in hospitality, he decided to open his dream restaurant to share the flavours of his childhood with people who never had access to them. To Peter, shopping local is about connection and being able to experience a business owner’s passion. Saluministi has just received its liquor licence, so you can get to know Peter over a glass of Italian beer or wine. Click here to learn more about Saluministi.

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