Community choir organisation unites at Victoria Harbour

5 Aug 2020

Discover your voice and experience the many and varied benefits of singing with Open Door Singers.

Most people love to sing – even if it is only in the shower. From improving wellbeing and increasing happiness to unlocking creativity and allowing us to better cope with stress, singing has a range of documented benefits. Singing is great for the mind, body and soul and, most importantly, it feels really good.

In an attempt to help others unlock their hidden talents and enjoy the countless benefits of singing, community choir organisation, Open Door Singers, was founded ten years ago and now features a growing membership of over 500 singers. The community is incredibly diverse, catering to a mixture of ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Victoria Harbour choir

“Our values are to uplift, inspire, encourage, unite and bring hope to all.” Musical Director, Open Door Singers, Shaun Islip says.

Shaun is an internationally acclaimed choral conductor who brings a wealth of musical experience and skill to the group. His charismatic and engaging personality, as well as inclusive approach, allows members to have a fun and enjoyable experience at every rehearsal and performance.

The Docklands choir group was formed nearly six years ago, following a six-week pilot project. The group’s ongoing passion and enthusiasm has resulted in members meeting weekly to further explore their love of music and singing.

In light of COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, the Open Door Singers Docklands group have utilised the power of technology to keep in contact, allow members to interact and lessen the impact of isolation. Zoom and live streaming via Facebook are two platforms that the Docklands group have been using to keep the community singing together.

“The group loves to sing, but our relationships to foster encouragement and to address the mental health issues associated with isolation, has meant that although we are not able to meet physically during this time of COVID-19, the friendships and care within the group still continue.” Shaun says.

Victoria Harbour Community Choir

The reaction of members to this new way of rehearsing and performing has been overwhelmingly positive and has brought much needed fun and positivity to everyone’s week. The live stream sessions have gained significant traction and positive engagement, with many viewers responding with encouraging and inspiring comments. Whilst the reaction of members to this new way of rehearsing and performing has been overwhelmingly positive, the group are looking forward to their first rehearsal back.
“It’ll be an amazing celebration. Probably no hugging allowed, but many smiles and hearty singing to celebrate face-to-face contact with friends.” Shaun says.
The rehearsal sessions are broadcast twice weekly and are available on the Facebook group, meaning you can access them at any time.

  • Monday nights @ 7.30pm - Open Door Community Singers
  • Thursday nights @ 7.30pm - Open Door Gospel Singers 

If you are interested in joining the Open Door Singers choir, send a request via their Facebook group.


Victoria Harbour