Sustainability An innovative vision

“The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society with greater emphasis being placed on environmental and social impact than straight economics.” – Lendlease founder Dick Dusseldorp, 1973.
Underlying every Lendlease development is our steadfast commitment to sustainability. Forging the way forward in this field, Victoria Harbour represents the highest concentration of green buildings in Australia.

We began with Convesso, the first luxury residential project in Australia to obtain a 4 Star Green Star rating, Forté then built on this achievement, not only as the world’s tallest timber apartment building but also obtaining a 5 Star Green Star Rating.

Our commitment to sustainable practice also extends to our commercial developments, The Gauge was the first private sector commercial building in Australia to achieve a 6 Star Green Star As Built Office rating. As a result it was also awarded the inaugural Built Environment Award at the Victorian Government’s 2009 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.
How exactly do we achieve these results?

We take a holistic approach to sustainability that includes everything from using the latest green technology and finding purposeful uses for our recycled construction waste, to creating long-term job opportunities and creative community spaces.

This dedication to green living extends into the open spaces we create. Over this expansive 30-hectare precinct, we’re dedicated to laying more grass and less concrete in community spaces, planting trees and growing gardens that will house our four legged and winged community, and making travel by foot or bicycle as easy as possible.

Lendlease Story

For over 50 years Lendlease has been developing projects that offer both residents, and visitors, more of the best things in life. Imaginative design, exceptional quality, and inspiring locations make Lendlease an international leader in not only lifestyle creation, but also sustainable property and infrastructure.
Tens of thousands of Victorians live, work, and play in communities that Lendlease has created. Across the world, tens of thousands more go to school in Lendlease developed buildings, and shop in Lendlease constructed shopping centres. Every day people travel on roads, on rail, in tunnels and over bridges built by Lendlease. These are moments, and experiences brought to the world by Lendlease.
With 12,000 employees across the world, Lendlease’s service capacity reaches across buying, funding, designing, building and managing property and infrastructure. The Elephant and Castle in London, The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Victoria Harbour in Melbourne, Darling Quarter in Sydney and the Opera House – they all have one thing in common – Lendlease.