Give ‘hoopercise’ a spin

1 August 2016
Key Information

What are the benefits of ‘hoopercise’?

  • Tone and strengthen core muscles
  • Weight loss
  • Strengthen back and spine
  • Boost cardio health
  • Improve balance and co-ordination
  • Have fun! 

Why spend hours pacing away on the treadmill when you could get fit by channelling your inner child? Hula hooping is the latest craze sweeping the country, and it’s not just for kids!


Fitness fanatics country-wide are lauding the benefits of ‘hoopercise’, which burns around seven calories per minute, or 420 calories per hour. That’s the same number of calories as you’d burn in an hour long session on the exercise bike at the gym! From The Age to Cosmo, hooping’s been hitting the headlines, and now you can take part in a hula hooping class right here in Victoria Harbour.


We’re excited to announce that hooping master Hoop Sparx will be bringing her fun-filled approach to fitness to the Knowledge Market at Victoria Harbour – with ongoing workshops aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds.

Donna ‘Hoop’ Sparx is a dancer, performer, and teacher with over 15 years’ experience in using hula hoops to inspire creativity, health and social connection. 


“My workshop will be a mixture of fitness, play and dance. It’s important to keep fit, but exercise doesn’t need to be serious!” Donna says. “Hooping’s a fun way to work out your core muscles, tone your body, boost your cardio health and improve your coordination. Plus I’ll be teaching you some impressive hula tricks and helping you to discover your own hooping dance style.”


Whether you’ve honed your hooping skills or haven’t picked up a hoop since primary school, this workshop is a great opportunity to learn in the presence of a master. Donna trained with the Women’s Circus and hooping enthusiasts from around the world, so she’s got plenty of skills to share! 

And if you’re feeling a bit nervous about trying a new sport or aren’t sure if hooping will be for you, Donna’s got some stellar advice for your first class.


“It can be really daunting to learn something new, but that’s all the more reason to give it a go”, Donna says. “The most important thing is not to compare yourself to anyone else. I always say that when it comes to hula hooping there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’. Maybe you ‘can’t yet’, but with practice and patience you’ll soon find yourself feeling more confident.”

All hoops will be provided, so you’ll just need to bring a bottle of water, some comfy clothes and an open mind!

Sign up for a Hoop Sparx class now on Eventbrite!

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Register now for a Hoop Sparx class on Eventbrite!
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