Docklands Community Garden – continuing to thrive

23rd June 2016
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The committee welcomes local residents and workers who would like to become involved to join the team of enthusiastic volunteers. Please see the notice board for contact details to express your interest or make a donation.

Based on the unique principle of ‘take something, put something back,’ the Docklands Community Garden continues to thrive. Head Gardener, Greg Wise, gives us a glimpse into Victoria Harbour’s sustainable garden oasis.

Victoria Harbour residents are in for a treat this winter, with beautiful, fresh, organic herbs and vegetables now ripe for the picking at the Docklands Community Garden. 

The garden, which lies between Bourke Street and Collins Street, exists for all residents to enjoy but also relies on residents giving something back in order to be sustainable.

“It’s wonderful to see so many people visiting the garden and using the beautiful herbs and vegetables in their cooking. While there is plenty for everyone to enjoy, we do ask that people only take what they need for a meal as the produce grown in the garden is for the use of the Docklands community as a whole.

“Residents can give back by either planting herb or vegetable seedlings, or making a donation either of financial support or gardening materials such as organic fertilisers and pesticides,” Greg explains. 

An exciting new development is also now in place in the form of a pavilion on the western boundary of the garden, which will be used for the presentation of community focused events.

“There will be a wide range of seminars on offer based on organic gardening, such as greening your environment, creating successful balcony gardens and vertical gardens, pest control and the correct use of various soils and fertilisers. The seminars will be hands on - so be prepared to get your hands dirty!”

Greg also highlights a number of recent accomplishments for the local garden, including the planting of more flowers and herbs through spring which delivered a riot of colour to the garden during summer and autumn, a major donation from the Lifestyle Working building and a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

“As a result of the donation from Lifestyle Working Collins Street tenants and the crowdfunding campaign success we had early in June, we’ve been able to replace the existing exhausted soil in the garden with fresh nutrient rich soil which will ensure many fine crops of vegetables, herbs and flowers in the future.

“The pleasant and inviting atmosphere of our garden has enticed many local residents to unselfishly volunteer their time to ensure the garden remains a wonderful place to spend time. Many local friendships have been forged in the Docklands Community Garden,” Greg adds. 

A backyard for Docklands residents, a vegie patch for the area's green thumbs and a nurturing green space for everyone to enjoy – check out the Docklands Community Garden today!

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