Brilliant bagels

23rd June 2016
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What makes the perfect bagel? 

With Melbourne’s abundance of fresh produce, it can be tempting to add lots of ingredients to everything we make— but Watkins says that can backfire when it comes to bagels. Here are his rules of thumb for a brilliant bagel:

Less is more. “Bagels themselves have enough flavour—you want the bagel to be the hero and the ingredients to complement that. Don’t overdo it.”

Trust the experts. “We don’t have cheese so people often ask to put cream cheese in our bacon and egg breakfast bagel. We try to tell them that’s not going to work—the flavours aren’t quite right.”

Stay classic. “The best bagel has got to be cream cheese and smoked salmon. We’ve added lemon, pickled red onion and watercress to ours—it’s beautiful.”

You don’t have to lose 21 hours in transit to get a New York-worthy bagel. Schmucks has taken what the Big Apple does best and given it a Melbourne twist that’s got the foodie stamp of approval.

“We offer a blend of great-quality bagels with high-end fillings,” explains Carey Watkins, business development manager at Schmucks. So while you’ll get all your basic bagel favourites like cream cheese or lemon curd, you’ll also find gourmet ingredient combos such as pulled pork with harissa slaw or the famous ‘Smokin’ Chick’ with free-range chicken, tarragon mayo and dehydrated chicken breast crackers.

“It gives it crunch and is one of our most popular,” Watkins says.

Customers can choose from among a variety of bagels when they visit the eatery, from sesame and seedy grain to rye and vegemite. 

“Unlike bread that is often mass-produced, our bagels are made to order,” Watkins says. “There is a lot of love and care put into each one.”

Schmucks’ owner, Jeremy Marmur, says he grew up “binging on bagels” with his Polish grandfather and he has used that knowledge to make Schmucks’ European-style bagels. 

The company found its groove when Marmur teamed up with innovative catering management service Tommy Collins to figure out how to create fresh bagels and serve them up with a smile (“food and fun is their schtick,” he says).

As the Schmucks guys themselves might say, it’s time the city found out exactly what a seriously schmick bagel tastes like.

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Grab a brilliant bagel today from Schmucks Bagels (73a Merchant Street, Docklands) or visit for more information.
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